Private Client Department

Richard Fitzpatrick (email)
David Fitzpatrick (email)
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Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

We offer a full service in respect of both residential and commercial conveyancing. In residential purchases, we will deal with the entire transaction from submission of the offer to completion of the purchase and registration of the title. In residential sales, we will accept the offer to buy and process the transaction through to completion of the sale and repayment of the mortgage. In respect of commercial properties, we deal with purchases, sales and leases.

Wills and Estates

In winding up the estate of a deceased person we will handle the ascertainment of the extent and values of the assets, the Sheriff Court procedures, inheritance tax issues with HMRC, collection of the assets and payment to the beneficiaries.
In relation to wills we will ensure that they are drafted so that the estate will go to the client’s chosen beneficiaries.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney will be drafted by us to allow the client to have the peace of mind knowing that his or her chosen representative will manage both finances and welfare issues if the client becomes unable to do so.

Court Department

Brian Fitzpatrick (email)
Desmond Ziolo (email)
24 hr contact: 0141 445 3312

We benefit from many years’ experience in courts throughout Scotland, acting either under the Scottish legal aid scheme or personally funded. Brian Fitzpatrick was one of the first solicitors in Scotland authorised to appear in the High Court. We have represented members of every profession including lawyers, doctors, politicians, priests, journalists, teachers, and police officers.

Criminal and road traffic defence

We will first attempt to prevent the case coming to court, so early communication is important. We give advice to clients subject to police investigation and will accompany clients to police stations for interview. If the case goes to court, we will guarantee a first-rate defence.

Road traffic law

Fitzpatrick and Co. have a strong track record of challenging road traffic prosecutions and defending drivers. We understand the importance of protecting driving licences.

Fatal accident and other inquiries

We provide advice and representation at FAI and other statutory inquiries. We have represented clients at some of the most high-profile inquiries in recent years.

Professional regulation

We offer advice and representation for all professions including medical and legal.

Sports law

We provide advice on all disciplinary matters as well as representation at disciplinary committees.

Proceeds of Crime applications

We provide advice and representation for clients whose assets are subject to an application for forfeiture.

Parole Hearings

Fitzpatrick and Co. advise on parole, and provide representation at parole hearings, at all prisons throughout Scotland.


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